Who are we?

Project Rise aims to stimulate economic growth in distressed communities while working to reconstruct communities. 


We are dedicated to empowering and supporting those labeled as the working poor by engaging them in their financial well-being and the economic growth of their community. 


 Project Rise is a non-profit intended to bridge the gap between working from check to check and financial security. In results, will stimulate economic growth, encourage sustainability, increase community involvement, and deepen community ties. 


We will do so by connecting individuals and families to vital resources and opportunities, hosting financial literacy and asset building workshops, and providing social services through our two programs, The Mobile Pantry and The RISE Grant. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hello, please contact us!

Meet our Founder

Sierra Devoe

Founder, Executive Director 

I believe in equity, economic Inclusion, and community. I created Project Rise to elevate people and communities. 

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