The RISE grant is a one time small financial assistance grant up to $250 to improve your life situation and grant you to a better quality of life. We service Wayne County. Our help cannot be a temporary solution. For example, we pay your past due bill, but you are unsure how you are going to pay it next month. You must be able to show that you can afford your expenses after our help. We only provide monies directly to the service provider. Your bill cannot exceed your request. We will reject it. We receive numerous applications so we will not reach out for any missing or additional information. Sadly, your request will be rejected. Also, please be honest. Project Rise is not funded by the government or big name foundations. It's funded almost entirely by people just like you. Everything you tell us is for our eyes only. We do not share your information. Please do not skimp on information. The more detailed the better we can make an accurate decision to help. For this reason above all, we want to make certain that our donors' limited but extremely generous funding gets to the people who really need the help the most. 


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