During these unprecedented times it it crucial we step up as a community and support one another. As people are embracing their new normal, feeding the kids, buying household items, and making ends meet is more challenging then ever. Project Rise's United Fund support communities by providing families with babies diapers and wipes. Families are hurting. We are in this together.  Click here  to fill out request 

If you will like to donate to United Fund please send monies to our paypal: sierradevoe@projectrise.net or if you will like to donate items please access our registry tgt.gifts/projectrise

"Thank you so much for providing diapers in this crisis! I had been a substitute teacher and been out of work for some time now. My daughter is my number one priority (6mos) and I thank you for the diapers, wipes, and body wash. Ease stress and financial burden" - Sharaya

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