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Hi, Hello Loves!

Lately I have been using my debit card like gift card and spending too much money. With a worn-out debit card and annoyance stewing in my spirit, I decided to do a 30-day No Spend Challenge. I wanted to write a blog post about it in case others wanted to follow along.

What is a NO SPEND Challenge?

  • A No Spend Challenge is when you challenge yourself to stop spending money on things that are unnecessary and not needed to do your day to day activities. Such as, buying items just because it is on sale or stopping at a fast-food spot when you know you have food at home.

Why Do One?

  • Now I know not spending any extra money for 30 days sound crazy and pointless, but this challenge will challenge you to control your impulses and help you find out more about yourself and your money. In return, open your eyes to your financial habits. You can make changes where needed to strengthen your financial habits and your overall fiscal health. Also, going a period of time without spending money will help you keep more of your own money, which in return, you will have more money to use towards saving, paying off debt, or other financial goals.

Sounds good right? Let's dive in on the "how"!

How To Do A No Spend Challenge:

First, ask yourself why you are doing this challenge, what is your motivation?

  • You’ll be more successful and less likely to give up when you know why you are doing this challenge. Are you doing this challenge to save more money? If so how much? Or do you want to put the extra money saved toward debt? Or do you just want to keep more of your own money? Whatever the reason, know it is valid and your why. Once you have your “why”, write it down and post it somewhere you will see it every day during your challenge.


  • You decide what your no spending look likes. Rather it looks like you not spending any money COMPLETELY for a set period of time (make sure you are prepared to do so- a good stock of food, gas tank full, and etc) or not spending money on non-essential items or not spending money on only one or two categories, like not spending money on eating out or not getting your nails done. Whatever you decide, let it be that. Remember, you set the rules that are doable for you yet enough to push you out your comfort zone and challenge you.

Set Your Period of Time & Prepare:

  • I know I am doing a 30-day challenge, but let me be transparent, I’ve tried this same challenge last year and failed 3 days in, because I was unfamiliar with the concept and unprepared. To not set yourself up for failure, do what works for you. Pick a number of days, prepare, and go for it. Rather it’s a weekend, 5 days, 30 days, or a timeframe in between, do what works for you and make sure to put the indicated days it in your planner. A goal is more achievable when it is realistic and have a timeframe.


  • After you set the rules, pick a timeframe, and do your prep work, tell your friends and families. Not only can they help you keep accountability, but it can stop any invitations to go out or any extra opportunities popping up where you have to spend money. You do not need any extra temptation during this time.

Avoid Temptation:

  • Set yourself up for success. Do not browse Macys, Fashion Nova, Shein, or whatever websites you like to shop at. Limit your social media time if you notice too many ads tempting you. Do whatever you need to do to come out strong.

Decide Where the Extra Money Will Go?

  • Do not do this challenge to just splurge at the end, because then this challenge would have been pointless. The best thing you can do is decide where the extra money will go beforehand. Will you use the extra funds to save? Invest? Put towards debt? Payoff a credit card? Please decide on a predetermined place.

Last but not least, Keep Track of Your Progress:

  • If you indicated your timeframe in your planner, please mark of the days as you go or you can use a no spend challenge worksheet. You can download ours here or just google “no spend” worksheets and a ton of pintables will pull up.

Now you are ready to do your own no spend challenge! Remember to start where you are and be realistic. After the challenge is down reflect and see what you learned. See where you need to make changes to change your relationship with your money and become a better steward. As always, you got this! If you have questions please email us at

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