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Purpose, Meaning, WAIT what about Money

Updated: Jul 27, 2022


Long time no write, but you know what I realized, I only write when I truly have something to share. So, there is no set schedule for my blogs. HOWEVER, I still hold myself accountable. Whenever a topic that I feel dearly about pops into my head, I write about it promptly. Hence, what I am doing now. Of course, if it’s something you want lil ole me to write about, send me an email at

Anywho, let’s get to it. Lately, I’ve been taking inventory of my own life and quite frankly, really trying to understand and put into words where I am currently at in this season and how to adjust so I can continue to express a meaningful, purposeful life. I kept asking myself, “How do I live a life filled with purpose, and meaning, and still collect a check”? I was feeling like my traditional 9-5 wasn’t it, since my job duties do not align with my purpose. So of course, I went to God for some divine counsel, because I want to live my life on purpose and with intent and still be able to afford everything my heart desires, but I ain’t trying move shady for it, ok. Anyways, in my head, I busted into his space like:

After our quality time, I was reminded that my purpose and main intent are His. POINT BLANK PERIOD. Whatever that looks like or materializes into is for His purpose and will and not to satisfy me nor the little gods I placed in my life such as “profit, praise, and power”. I just want to give a shout-out to AMEN podcast for putting into words what I felt for months as God was giving me a revelation.

From my devotional time, I could not help but begin to think about how many of us are seeking the same thing. We all have placed these little deities in our lives and translated them into our end all, be all. Once I get that job, I’ll be happy, or once I get that car, or once I obtain this amount of cash, or whatever. I am not saying we should not live a life that makes us FULL or stop chasing our full life. Because we all deserve to live a life full of purpose, meaning, love, laughter, money, and whatever else brings us fullness. But what happens when it does not look as we envisioned? What happens when we are blinded by these little gods? We start waking up, looking at some of the blessings in our lives with some disdain, maybe going to a job we now hate, the same job we begged for in prayer or wanted. Now we are counting down the days until our next off day or vacation, thinking to ourselves, “There has to be more to life than this”, then that sets off another spiral of thoughts and scenarios in our heads, like, us imagining working our shitty job forever, being stuck in our shitty situation forever. Now we are thinking, “How am I supposed to be happy? How am I ever supposed to survive a life full of such displeasure?”

Do you see the downward spiral here? Puhhhhleeeassseee stop right now! I cannot help but think how much we as people overdramatize to make what we love, (which we tie to our purpose), our meaning, and living a prosperous life, (which we take to mean financial wealth), to intersect. We obsess so much over this, that it cause us to become overwhelmed, anxious, and sometimes just damn right out angry. We feel as if the only way to simultaneously do what we love, have meaning, and make money is for it to intersect and I believe that cannot be any further from the truth.

Because when they do not intersect how we imagined in our thoughts, we start feeling as if we are less than, or we don’t matter or viewing our current job or life’s position as mediocre or worst, our overall view of ourselves and our lifestyles just become shitty and worthless. It is almost as if we are being counterproductive. We are chasing this perfect Venn diagram of a lifestyle and when it does not translate into how we think it should look, we miss the chance to see how in all actuality we are already living in our purpose, have meaning, and making the money needed, which affords us those experiences that allows us to have our FULL prosperous life

Nope, it’s not streamlined how we prefer as of yet, the job we prefer as of yet, or whatever else our preferences are. But you know what, we still have a purpose and bring forth purpose in exactly where we are. Even if you are scooping up poop, remember you still have the opportunity to make a difference. Because of you, no one is stepping in poop. I am not just saying this to help us feel good. I am saying this because it is true, and it has helped me show up every day in my life on purpose and with intent. Work from your heart, do your best for your real Master, God- Colossians 3:22-23. I seriously just paraphrased the heck out of that verse, but you get what I am saying. You have to show up to work how God wants you to show up. Show up and show out for His glory.

I feel as if society over-emphasized this individuality shit to the point, where we THINK we need to capitalize off what we love. While you are at, do not forget to share it on social media and then start a coaching course about whatever the fuck you just glamorized at a crazy amount for sub-par information I could have googled, but I digress. I digress because I understand or at least I think I do, we are all just trying to find our way and trying to intersect our shit! We all want to live FULL lives while making money. I am not shaming anyone who has intersected their lives so perfectly, because if that is what God called and had for you then amazing!

But what I am saying is do not get so wrapped up in how you think things ought to be and just simply allow them to be. Do not miss to find beauty and gratitude in your life now, in your “now” moments. Because the truth is, we get in our own way and ultimately, God’s way. What you think ought to be, doesn’t always translate into how you envision it. Nonetheless, things end up exactly how they oughta! Why? Because it is his plan that prevails, things come together for his good! Not our preferences. I truly hope you find peace in that because I do.

For the longest I thought I oughta be rich- that was my will. No real purpose or meaning behind it. Just me wanting to be FILTHY rich. So, I would think of ways to get rich. After my many failed attempts I stumbled upon investing and real estate. Then I realized I had a niche for it, so you know what that means- I tried to intersect that shit. I mean it’s the path for a perfect intersection ain’t it. As I got more intimate with God, I learned his will, which is now my will, and I am moving accordingly. Yes, my path seems to intersect perfectly, but it does because of His grace, not because of my cleverness. Nipsey Hussle once said, “I was thinkin’ chess moves but it was God’s grace”. I came to that because of God and God alone. Yea, I may have got to that truth from my own desires but God ensured it was his plan that did and will continue to prevail in my life.

Sometimes we all think we should make this amount, drive this car, marry by this age, and whatever else oughtas you got for yourself that you find worth in. All these little deities blinding us. And when we get where we thought we oughta, we still feel unfulfilled. Why? Because prosperous and money and material things are not interchangeable. Prosperous means to push forward. Sometimes the current season in our prosperous life looks like being the Light at that “shitty” job, doing acts of kindness, paying off debt, saving, or whatever. Everyone’s prosperous life looks different and changes as we push forward! Please do not think I am telling you to settle or to accept the bare minimum. What I am telling you is, to do a heart check, be content, keep on keeping on, push forward, and live YOUR life. Not the cookie-cutter lifestyle plastered all over social media. If that is the lifestyle you want, then prosper babes!

Too often we begin to tie our worth into what we do, how lucrative an opportunity is, and who we are or what God called us to be and do take a backseat. We began to order our own steps along a path constructed by us for us, which leaves us unfulfilled. Myles Munroe once said, “We are all seeking the Holy Spirit”. I believe that as fact, we are all seeking the fruits of the Spirit- especially love, joy, and peace. Have you ever wondered why we can be living our best life and still not fulfilled or living our worst life and still not fulfilled? No matter what end you are on, you are still seeking “fulfillment”. I believe that is why God told us to Seek Ye First (Matthew 6:33), to not only understand His Will and intentions so they can become ours (that is our purpose) but to FILL us up so you can be FULL in whatever your assignment is (that is our do). I am not trying to convert anyone here but express a worldly theme that piqued my interest after a talk with my Father. I mean if this blog assists you in seeking him then, bet.

To circle back to my overall purpose of this blog, so what if the dollars do not follow from your purpose? The truth is I have no idea if my purpose and meaning will bring me money to support the lifestyle I envision. But what I do know is how I am walking in my purpose and using my paycheck from my job to fund what makes my heart full. Yep, the same 9-5 I just said wasn’t cutting it. Because the truth is, it is cutting it in this current season of my prosperous life! When it is time to transition into another season of my life, I am sure things will change. I pray to adjust accordingly.

To really answer the infamous question for anyone asking themselves, “If we work in our purpose, will the dollars always follow”? I do not know, but we must have faith in what was shown to us and keep moving forward. What God showed to you personally is your personal truth, don’t make it into a doctrine. Everyone’s journey is different. Embrace your journey with confidence, gratitude, and humility. Write soon loves - Si

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