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We aim to stimulate economic growth in distressed communities who have experienced disinvestment 

creating vibrant & financially free communities one family at a time

"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. It is an act of justice" - Nelson Mandela

"Living check to check do not just happen. Many factors play a part for why someone is struggling to make ends meet. Rather it's poor management skills, under-employment, or a high living wage. Regardless of the reasons, the obstacles placed in one's path due to shortage of money is definite. Project Rise aims to bridge the gap between the working poor and their financial independence. We seek to do that by providing short term relief and assisting those to develop long term skills that will tackle  barriers that will build towards a sustainable life. Nearly eight out of 10 workers live check to check. You are not alone, let's change your narrative! You can change your situation. Get financial tips by reading our blog or book one of our financial sessions"

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"Hi, the personal budgets that we did last month helped me save so much! I'm able to save and pay bills at the same time. Please keep sharing your knowledge. lol Thank you" - Tara

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