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Meet the Team

Your Personal Finance Advisors 


Sierra Devoe

Founder & Executive Director

Meet Sierra, a former working-class employee who suffered the pain of living paycheck to paycheck only to realize she was not alone. Sierra created Project Rise to enhance the financial literacy and economic well-being for underserved communities. She understood that by creating a comprehensive strategy she’d be able to help herself and others build sustainable futures. Sierra and her team have one goal and that is to create a network of people who hold themselves accountable for their financial lives and financial futures. Through Project Rise, Sierra continues to seek to empower under-resourced individuals and families by bridging the gap between the working poor and their financial independence. To request Sierra to speak at your event or present a workshop please click here.

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N. Kyndal Moss

Program & Systems Implementation Manager

If you are wondering how we execute our vision, push our mission forward, and capture our impact, it is because of our heaven-sent N. Kyndal Moss, who is also warmly known as Kyndal. When Kyndal is not planning, organizing, and strategizing with other companies and nonprofits through her consulting firm, NKay Solutions, or tackling social concerns head on to break generational curses, she is at Project Rise with her God-given light, implementing the proper systems and steps to ensure we are efficient and effective in serving our community. She believes when you have a strong financial foundation you are able to influence your own personal outcomes and not wait on someone else to save you. She loves being a partner at Project Rise because we are teaching our community to "fish to ensure they can eat for a lifetime" through financial literacy.  


Tara Rucker

Development Manager

Tara's love for guiding, educating, and serving people to become their true selves is emulated through her role as Development Manager. When she is not running her ministry, GuideMe 711, or running behind her two full of life boys, she is at Project Rise nurturing relationships, establishing partnerships, ensuring our initiatives are successful and maximizing engagement. Tara's passion when it comes to personal finance is not only the freedom it gives, but the opportunity granted to build towards your definition of a meaningful life. She enjoys being a partner at Project Rise, because she gets to provide a positive experience surrounding financial education and success. 

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